Step 2 : Select Your Tint

We have spent many years tinting and with this experience have gathered together the most popular tints. With hundreds of tints to choose from we have simplified down to the major films that we use to keep it simple for you.

Useful Selection Guidelines

As a general rule

  1. The more reflective (mirrored) the film the better privacy and heat reduction
  2. The darker you go the more heat, glare & fade reduction you will achieve
  3. By far the most popular light grade films are MEDIUM as they still let reasonable light in while blocking good amounts of heat
  4. Some tints are not suitable for certain glass eg. Laminates (check specs)
  5. Some tints have a higher internal reflection at night than others (meaning harder to see out of at night) – usually the high reflective films
  6. Glass with pre-existing cracks and chips should be replaced before tinting

*check product details for more info


Charcoal Window Tint

By far the most popular choice window tint. Charcoal films offer the protection qualities expected from high end window films whilst still maintaining a natural look and feel to your home.

Charcoal Window Tint

Window Tint - Dark Charcoal

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Silver Reflective Window Tint

Silver Reflective Window Tint’s generally offer some of the highest protections available – largely due to its reflective abilities. Its performance is outstanding and the perfect choice for those mainly concerned with heat rejection benefits.

Silver Mirror Window Tint

Window Tint - Silver Mirror Reflective

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Frosted Window Effect Films

The aim of a frosted window effect film is to give the window a translucent effect – that is still letting light in – but scattering the light so no one can see in or out. This gives privacy in places such as a bathroom window or front door or entry.

Frosted Window Effect

Frosted Effects

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