Step 1 : Measure Your Windows

Window tint comes in 3 different sized rolls. Being an American product they are measured in imperial inches but we have converted all measurements to metric to save confusion.

1500mm will incur extra freight charge, please contact us if required

DIY Home Tint sells window film by the lineal metre ( l/m ) in all 4 roll sizes

When measuring windows be sure to measure the daylight size i.e. the measurement from the inside of the rubber gasket or wooden edge were it meets the glass. Also keep an eye out for chips and cracks in the glass. Some window tint can make pre-existing cracks and chips grow longer as the glass expands – for which diy home tint is not responsibile.

Measure your windows allowing 40mm in each direction

So what your looking to do is take measurements for each pane of glass – both width and height – then add about 40-50mm for trimming to each measurement.

From that point – which ever roll size is closest to fitting either width or height is the roll size you should select.

FOR EXAMPLE (Using the above window) –  if it is 870mm wide and 1110mm high – then use the 900mm roll size (closest size) – and you will need 1110 + 40mm for that window

Round this figure up to the nearest metre and thats the quantity you need for each roll size (you may feel comfortable to get a little bit extra as a “practice run”)

Follow this procedure for each pane of glass you wish to tint – taking note of how much of each roll size you need and adding them together to make a total.

Hint – Often the smaller roll widths are easier for a diy tinter to handle

*** Once you have worked out how many metres you need from each roll size keep it handy and Move on to Step 2 – Select your Window Tint Now