What are your shipping methods?
All of our tint is sent via courier service. This usually means that a signature is required upon receiving the item and a fixed address is also needed. We do not ship to P.O.Boxes. Shipping may vary for orders to W.A or remote locations within Australia. We endeavor to pack and send all orders within 7 business days. The order will usually turn up with in 2 business days from time of shipping. At this time we do not ship internationally

What are the shipping costs?
Shipping is a flat $20.00 rate on all diy orders. This is not charged on our sample kit. At this time we do not ship internationally.

How is the film measured and sent?
As the film is sold by lineal metre or lots, it will be cut as 1 continuous roll. I.e. if you purchase 5 metres of film, it will be in a 5 metre roll, not 5 x 1 metre rolls. If this is not possible we will let you know prior to shipping.

How can I pay for my film?
All payments must be made via PAYPAL. We do not accept direct deposit or credit card payments.

How much heat does your film block and how dark is it?
Click here for our specification page

How do I know how to install the film?
Please refer to the youtube link below for instructions. This is the link found most helpful by our customers.

What does it look like in real life?
You can purchase a sample kit (click here), which will give you an idea of what the films look like.

Where are you located, can I pick up?
We are located in Brisbane. We don’t offer a pickup service, only delivery by courier.

What is the Brand of film you use?
Unfortunately we can’t disclose which exact brand or model of films we sell. Our business has built up good relationships with many distributors and manufacturers who do not sell to the public. Because of this, your film will arrive with no manufacturers markings on the box or roll. All of our diy solar window tinting is manufactured to the highest standards.

Is there a warranty on the life of the window tint?
Usually these films would come with a warranty for tint companies. Unfortunately these warranties only ever apply to accredited installer and are built in to the buying price. Because they are installed as DIY there is NO WARRANTY on the life of the film and this is accounted for in reduced price. We can however assure you that it is the real deal and not cheap knock off film you may find elsewhere.

Whats the difference between House tint and Car tint ?
Depending on the product. Often Architectural window tint is a little more reflective. Whilst Automotive tinting is often manufactured to meet window tinting laws in different countries and states.

Does your solar film have a scratch resistant coating?
Yes! All solar film we sell has a scratch resistant coating. Without this it will be scratched by the time you’ve installed it.


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